I’m just a regular guy, really.  Beautiful Fiancee, 4 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a lint ball-I mean Hamster.  I love writing, and all things Android/Google.  (I’m actually kinda’ obsessed, and Stalking Google, but don’t tell them, it’s a secret!).  My addiction started a little over a year ago when my (then) Girlfriend and I got fed up with our iPhones, and AT&T and decided to switch to Sprint, and the beautiful EVO 4G.  When I met her, she was rockin’ a G1 on T-Mobile, and I was sportin’ the Black Berry Storm.  Whenever I could, I’d grab her G1 to play with it, and I now blame her for sparking the inferno that is my love for Android.

Since the switch, we’ve gone through a few phones.  My homie-lova’-friend has had the Samsung Intercept (I call it the Fumble) and the Optimus S, and recently I’ve upgraded to the EVO 3D, then to the Motorola Photon 4G (pew! pew! pew!).  We’re so cute on the couch together, with our Tabs (My Flyer, her OG Galaxy Tab) playin’ Angry Birds…  We both love Android, and have planted a seed in our kids (I think) who will most likely also be Android Fanatics (’cause I’ll kick ’em out if when they’re old enough, they come home with iPhones).

I’m a recovering Flashaholic (Rooted phone, custom ROMS) trying to go semi-pro.  If I have spare time, I’m reading/writing about, or playing with Android.  I’m hoping to learn ya’ a thing or two as I evolve into an Android SUPER ZOMBIE! (I can’t wait to be green, regardless of what Kermit says…)

So, that’s me in a REALLY small Nutshell…  Android: all day ERRY day!

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