[Google Event] Google Music is NOW out of Beta, and available for ALL!

I (as well as many others) just finished watching the stream of Google’s “These go to Eleven” event.

The big announcement is that starting today, Google Music is out of beta, and live to everyone.  But that’s just the begining…

To start things off, it was announced that Google can boast that since April of this year, they’ve doubled the number of Android devices activated to 200 million. That’s huge.  They’re also adding 550 thousand more daily.

Then the main event:

Google music is live, and out of beta starting today.  Google music is based off of Cloud, Web and Mobile access to your own music.  I have used the beta since receiving my invite a few months ago, and I have to say I’m thourghally impressed.  You’re able to upload up to 20,000 of your own MP3s, and stream them over 3g, 4g and WiFi.  With Google Music, you can also make your songs and playlists (yep, even iTunes) available offline. There’s a simple to operate software called Music Manager, which uploads all the music/playlists you’d like to make available on the go from your PC, Mac or Linux OS.  Once uploaded, you have access to your content from where ever you are, so long as you have some sort of data connection.  All of this sounds worth a pretty penny, and any other company would charge you that pretty penny, but Google? OF COURSE NOT!  All of these services are available for FREE at https://music.google.com

Also announced today: You can now purchase music through the Android Market, already installed on your Android device, or from the Android Market online.  Once purchased you can also SHARE your music via Google+!  If you so choose, once making a purchase, you will have the option to share what you bought to your circles in Google+ for a full one time listen.  If you buy a single, your Google+ circles can listen to that single once, each.  If you buy a whole Album, they can listen to the whole thing from start to finish once as well.  There will be free content daily, including singles, interviews, and concert re-brcoadcasts as well as detailed information of the artists you know and love, and lots you may not know at all yet.  Before buying, you’ll have free 90 second previews, and once purchased, all Google Music’s MP3s are 320 kbps quality.  Google boasts that there are hundreds of free songs, with tons more being added daily.  The ability to purchase music will be available to all Android devices running 2.2 and up from the Market (which will be updated within the next few days) and is live now at https://market.android.com/music.

Google has Partnered with 3 major labels for this launch: Universal, EMI and Sony music, as well as a TON of independant labels.  With reccomendations, the popular, or mainstream music you listen to may lead to a broadening of your horizons with similar artists you may not have heard of yet.  Some of the exclusive artists included in the Google music roll out are:

The Rolling Stones, who will release exclusive content, including recordings of their concerts from the 70’s, starting today.

Coldplay, who are releasing their new album as well as remixes and unreleased titles through Google Music exclisively.

Busta Rhymes, who is also releasing his latest album exclusively through Google Music, as well as releasing his first single for free.

Shakira, Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band, who will all be releasing exclusive content through Google Music.

All of this information and more are available at the Official Google Blog.

Then came (at least in MY opinion) the most awesome piece of the event.  The Google Music Artist’s Hub.  For the first time ever, through Google Music, unsigned and aspiring artists can create an artist’s page (for a $25 one time set up fee), write all about themselves on their info page, and upload their original content to Google Music to share and even SELL!  Artist’s Hub allows the artist to set their prices (if they choose to) as well as link to their content from You Tube using the recently announced You Tube marketplace.  Links to purchasable content can be set for artists without deals, labels and managers.  Your Garage Band is now able to make some money!!

The last announcement was also kinda’ big.  Google and T-Mobile have partnered up once again (oh G1, how far we’ve come…Why doesn’t Google just buy T-Mobile, so we can all switch to G-Mobile already?!).  T-Mobile will have even MORE exclusive content available only to T-Mobile customers, and those customers will soon be allowed to have their music purchases billed to them on their monthly bill!  Don’t have the 99 cents to purchase the single you want, or $10 to buy the album you HAVE TO HAVE? Pay for them when you pay your T-Mobile bill!

So to put it all in a nutshell, Google Music is live for all to play, download and stream their content, FREE.  You can share anything you buy with anyone on G+. There’s tons of free content from exclusive artists. Up and coming artists can now make themselves as available as mainstream artists, and get PAID for all their hard work and love.  If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you’re gonna’ get even MORE exclusive content than the rest of us, and you don’t have to pay for it right away!

OH, one more announcement: Every service provider has announced that data plans will be based on a Megabyte by Megabyte basis.  I kid, I kid…

I think this is one of the most awesome and game changing announcements Google has gifted us with in a LONG time!   This is amazing news for the music industry, as well as artists.  Just think of how many people will be more likely to go buy a song or album from the Android Market because their friend just shared it with them on Google+, and how their lives will be enriched by an artist they’ve never heard of, recommended by Google based on their purchases, or even previews!  What’s best is that ANYONE aspiring to make it in the industry can now make themselves available to labels as well as the general public all at the same time!

Here’s all the links to all the stuff:

Google Music

Android Music Market

Official Google Blog

Android Develpers’ Official You Tube page (where the announcement is soon to be uploaded, I’m sure)

What are your thoughts on Google Music?  What innovations and new ideas could this lead to?  What are your projections for it’s success?  Let me know, down below!!

UPDATE: The Google Music app update is now available in the Android Market.  Also, some reports of user’s markets having the Music category update have popped up here and there.  Keep an eye out for the Market update.  Usually you need to agree to the license agreement again after an update.

Update #2: Busta Rhymes eats very, VERY well…  He’s livin’ large… LITTERALLY

Thanks to Phandroid for the pic!

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