{APP REVIEW/UPDATE(?)} Elixir 2 by Tamás Barta

If you’ve ever wanted to know WAY MORE about your phone, and it’s internal workings, you’ve just hit the jack pot!

Tamás Barta has released the second edition of his fantastic system info app/widget and given it a catchy nickname: E2 – System’s REVENGE! (ok, I added the revenge part, but I couldn’t help myself it’s THAT awesome!)  Elixir 2 allows you to see and control virtually EVERYTHING your phone does.  From running apps, to battery usage, even sensor statuses like accelerometer, light sensor and gravity sensor.  I didn’t even KNOW my phone had a gravity sensor!!  You can perform real time tests, manage apps and processes, get system reports…  You name it, Elixir will show it to you.  You need a report on hardware/software? BAMM!  You need to manage running apps? BAMM!  You need a logcat? BAMM!  Ask me what a logcat is, and get “ShrugShouldered, DummyFace Phil” BAMM!  But I GOT ONE from Elixir 2!

What’s even better is that you have options as to what you can (and will) install.  E2’s add-ons are awesome too! You have the choice to add Widgets (wait for it, they’re coming), personal add-ons: missed calls, unread messages, etc… and Admin add-ons: like locking your screen with the widget (wait for it, I promise it’s coming).

That’s only the HALF of it…  Elixir2 also has (in my opinion) THE most functional widget in the App Market!  With 20 different size options, you can create a widget to show info or perform just 1 or 2 duties, or have a full page of info, apps, shortcuts, and toggle switches!

I used Elixir when it was first released, and fell in love with it.  I couldn’t have imagined it could be improved upon, but here I stand, dumbfounded…  There’s really no limit to what you can do with, or view with Elixir 2, and guess what else…   It’s FREE! (ad supported, easilly removable with a donation to the developer)

Elixir 2 is truely amazing.  Even if you’re not looking for all the information it’s willing to give you, it’s really REALLY impressive to see it.

Here are the screenshots I didn’t take:

GET IT!  Or don’t, I mean it’s really up to you…  but, GET IT!!!

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