{UPDATE ALERT} Android Market app updated to version 3.1.3

Hi, my name is Phil, and I’m an update whore…

(Hi, Phil…)

So this morning when I performed my first of hundreds of update checks, and frantically searched all of the forums I follow for unannounced updates, I was ECSTATIC to find out that there was a rouge Android Market update floating around.

This update adds two things, primarily (could be more updated in the background):

1) A +1 button embeded below app descriptions.  Perfect for you Google+’ers out there, looking to share your favorite app with circles.

2) PIN entry for purchases.  I was REALLY happy to see this,l as my 6 month old likes to draw on Kids Doodle and simultaneously attempt to purchase apps from ads in the free version.

I’ll DEFINITELY be using both of these additions!

The Market update isn’t actually availabe IN the Market, yet (normally it updates as you open it) but you can snag it HERE!

Let me know what you think of the new additions!

Source: DroidLife

One response to “{UPDATE ALERT} Android Market app updated to version 3.1.3

  1. I really like the feature with the pin setting, cause I know there has been plenty of times that I’ve let my son get a hold of my phone and he’s bought a game or two accidentally. So that feature will definitely be a wallet saver.

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