{App review} Beweather by Bellshare

I think we’re all a little bit of a weather nerd inside, right?  I mean who doesn’t want to know about the environment Mother Nature will provide us for our day? There are PLENTY of weather apps in the market, but quite a few of them either don’t work properly (if at all) or are not maintained very well (if at all).  One of the most beautiful weather apps is actually built in to all of HTC’s devices.

As of August 10th, Bellshare has put out just as gorgeous (dare I say MORE beautiful than HTC’s?) weather app, named Beweather.  It’s still in Beta, but those of us without an HTC device can now view our weather information quickly, and in impressive fashion!

With an incredibly fast set up time, in litterally a matter of minutes after installation, you’ll be viewing your local weather (or weather from where ever you choose, as multiple cities can be added), radar/sattelite animations, even nearby weather stations that provide the app all it’s intel!  With a quick tap you have all of the (probably more than you wanted) weather information for your cities available in real time.

The animations are impressive (though, I’ve only seen 2 since most of my area is the same muggy and hot), smooth and clear.  Seemless transitions give them a realistic feel (not like some of the horrible animated gifs I’ve seen).  The settings are easy to understand, and get to.

I’m gonna’ say that Beweather by Bellshare is right up there, if not better than HTC’s graphically, and seeing that it’s still in Beta, I’m pretty sure there are some great things to come from this app!

I’m giving it 4 1/2 Andy Domes outta’ 5, ONLY because it’s still in beta and I KNOW there are improvements coming!

I’d love to know whether or not you think Andy Domes is a good rating system! Drop a comment, and lemme’ know what you think!

Android Police via Addictive Tips via XDA via Bellshare (<~I’d click this one first)

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