My new tab dream AND pet peeves

Watch “HTC EVO View 4G Hands-On” on YouTube

I currently have a Sprint Galaxy Tab, Gen 1, 7″ tablet, and I LOVE IT!  When the Xoom came out, I initially fell in love with it, and looked at my SGT in spite, thinking “Why can’t you be more like THAT tab?!”.  I soon realized that I was simply craving the Honeycomb experience, and that as of now, in general, all tabs are just big phones that can’t (out of the box) make calls.  Digging deeper into the analysis of my envy, I also realized that the size of the Xoom was just too much.  As they’re advertised, you can walk around, watching movies, playing games with rich graphics, and browsing the internet with ease, all while narrowly missing hit by THAT BUS THAT’S COMING RIGHT AT YOU, LOOK OUT! (just in case you’re out about town while reading this).  Distraction aside, the Xoom is a 10″ tab that requires 2 hands at all times while using it.  Samsung recently announced their 8.9″ and 10″ tabs which are cool, but are also 2 hand tabs. 

I’ve decided that the 7″ tab is the IDEAL size.  There are some situations where you’ll need a second hand to accomplish your on screen goal, but not many.  This makes cheating death while playing with your device in traffic that much easier!  I read an article about when the HTC EVO VIEW 4G would be released, and watched the above video while realizing my dream tab is all that she offers.  As I stated before, as they are now, tabs are big phones.  It’s pretty well known that there is NO phone out that Trumps the HTC EVO (which this post is being written on).  The EVO View 4g looks to be everything that the EVO 4g is plus key tab functionality (drool over the note taking capabilities in the above video as I did… *swoon*).  On top of that, it fits in the palm of your (gigantic Bigfoot) hand!  It will be released with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) but is all prepped for 3.0 (Honeycomb), which is rumored to release for tabs not already running it late this summer (take that with a grain of salt, though).  In a nutshell, I WANNIT!

I ALSO got REALLY frustrated with the presenter in this video…  It was pretty obvious to me that this video was shot after lunch time, and that on his break, the unnamed presenter went to town on the KFC buffet, seeing as THERE’S GREASE ALL OVER THE TAB HE’S DEMO-ING!!

When I first started my career in EMR Implementation/support, I worked regionally, meaning I travelled to all of our hospitals in Northern California, teaching bitter doctors and nurses the new system they would be using to treat and track their patients from now on (if they weren’t retiring due to the switch from paper to “this god damned computer”).  As I put it to a prisoner in the Vallejo Emergency Department who asked what I did as he laid in his bed (on “vacation” away from jail cause he was “sick”) watching me walk in circles while waiting for someone to need my assistance, “I walk around pointing at computer screens, and get paid to do so”

The first and most memorable advice I received was “Always have a pen or pencil handy as a pointing device, cause people don’t like it when you touch their screens”.  It made total sense to me, as I have slapped a COUNTLESS number of advancing fingers from my own screens, cause “I don’t know if you picked any of your orphus’ (body holes) today, and would appreciate it if you kept your insides off my screen, and to yourself!”  Which leads to my question;  What’s your biggest pet peeve?  In general, or electronics wise, what lack of regard, or common sense REALLY pisses you off and what do you do when you see people do it (besides giving the “gas face” and boiling on the inside)?

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