Slaves to a device…

Remember this commercial?

For those of you that DON’T remember, this was Apple’s very first commercial from 1984, proclaiming that the domination of the PC that was known at the time was ending, and that a revolution was coming!  That revolution was EXTREMELY successful, and without Apple, the Macintosh, and all of their products to follow, we DEFINITELY would be a boring buncha’ users.

Flash forward to today…

Today it was released that AT&T as a carrier officially SUCKS.  Most of us already knew that, and weren’t surprised.  What WAS surprising was that more than half of the 60,000 consumers polled said that the only reason they stayed with AT&T was because it was the only provider that carried the iPhone.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Apple, or the iPhone, or any of their other products personally.  I’ve always felt that Apple’s devices were just too easy, and simplified, without enough customization options for me, which for other people is perfect.  My computer knowledge started on an Apple IIe, munchin’ numbers, racing they keyboard, selling lemonade, and roughing the long Oregon Trail, watching my whole family die along the way…  Poor lil’ Zebadiah…

My point is this:  27 years ago, Apple started it’s campaign to revolutionize the personal computer experience and today, we’ve become enslaved to a service provider we don’t like because of the device we use.  What happened to our experimentalism?  There ARE other phones and carriers out there, guys, and though most of them may seem complicated, or “too much” they ALL have the basic functionality we’re all used to and looking for, and who knows, after a lil’ use you might learn something new!  Just because you know something well, doesn’t mean that HAS to be the only device you use.  I know, I’m on a HUGE soap box, and it seems as though I’m HATIN’ on the iPhone, but I’m not.  I would say the same about ANY phone and carrier…  If I felt that we were buying and using it simply to own “the cool”.

Branch out, Coppertops!  Learn some junk!  I think you’d be happily surprised by what’s out there, and what you can do!   I’m not even switch to Android.  That’s just MY personal preference (at the moment).  ‘Tis the season to learn something new, and stop relying on what you already know.  That applies to more than just cell phones too!

That’s just my 2 cents…  add your own!!  I wanna’ hear what you think!

3 responses to “Slaves to a device…

  1. Cool post! I have to agree on many counts. However, I find it amusing that even Apple had to adapt to PC architecture in order to survive. When they switched to it and introduced Mac OSX, it was basically a last ditch effort to recapture the computer consumers. And it worked. However, we are back to PC's with multiple OS's! Not a bad thing mind you. Gives us options if we are willing to play. I install OSX when I get the feeling to try something different but always end up going back to Windows 7 as I don't want to pay a couple of G's for a computer that I can pay a few hundred bucks for. Still waiting for the Android OS to come out for the PC.

  2. Boy I got side tracked on that post. LOL My wife and I left AT&T awhile ago. We went over to Verizon and are very happy with it. We both have Droid Incredibles and she thinks it's the BEST phone she's ever had. She likes it more than the Iphone.

  3. iPhone 4 is coming out on Verizon! Options are always a good thing. Personally I want a phone that runs Android and has the same build quality as the iPhone 4. I have the LG Optimus S for Sprint and got so use to Android 2.2 (FroYo) that whenever I use a iPhone, I feel the iPhone is way too simple for my needs. I am looking forward to the next iPhone. I wonder what kind of specs it would have and would Apple make any big changes to their beloved iOS,

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