Flashin’ Fonts N junk…

Today I plan on experimenting with font flashing.  A developer by the code name Everevolv once posted a flashable font called ‘Sony Sketch‘.  It’s the default for Everevolv’s ROM, and my favorite font to date.  I use the .zip provided to flash Sketch over every ROM’s default font.  Today I saw a font I really liked while watching ‘Young Justice’ with our kids, and I went searching…  I didn’t find it, but I DID find these, and though I doubt any of them will look cool enough to replace Sketch as my favorite, it DID get the gears goin’, and now I want to learn how to create a flashable font .zip to play with different font types…

I also plan on using THIS THREAD to learn how to create my own splash screen (image that shows just before the system boot animation while loading)…  I created an image that I’m using as my wallpaper, and would really like to play with it a bit more and possibly make it my splash screen when I start learning how to build ROMS! More on that later!

Follow this thread for updates if you too want to play with the fonts and stuff on your phone!

What’s YOUR favorite font?  Would you like to use it as your Android device’s font?

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