Let’s learn TOGETHER!

My latest goal is to learn how to build a ROM, and Theme it, and not brick my, or anyone else’s phone. I’ve been doing a TON of research on how to do this, and thought I’d share some of the resources I plan on using.  If you wanna’ play too, here are the links!
Who is this kitchen for?
->Those who are brand new to “cooking” and want an easy place to start
->Those who just want to modify shipped ROMs or someone else’s custom ROMs to their liking
->Those who are confused by all those scripts and complex commands required for building and extracting
->To create themes, or to edit themes to your liking, you will need a working knowledge of android, adb, how to resign apk’s, knowledge of your own O/S.
->This is a thread to help begin theming and moding the Evo to our likings. I only want to make this a friendly place to unite and create. No disrespect will be tolerated, no creations without proper credits as well, lets make creations and give fellowship.
These are just a few of the many I have and will be using, so stay tuned!  I’ll be adding to this one as I find useful tools, and instructions!
If you have any helpful tips, tricks or tools, feel free to shoot ’em to me, and I’ll try ’em out and put ’em up!

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