Web 2.0 Summit 2010: Points of Control

There are so many different types of gatherings these days, put together by Companies and their CEOs it gets a little hard to keep track of.  Most of them are pretty boring, but every once in a while there’s an announcement of a new product or service that WE as users care about.  The rest is all millionaires playing “big bank takes lil’ bank” or “anything you can do, I can try to do too, but most likely won’t succeed”.

I wasn’t really interested in the Web 2.0 Summit (mostly ’cause I ALWAYS have the lil’ bank, and I didn’t even know about it until this morning :D) until I read on Android Central that Google CEO Eric Schmidt was opening the conference, and president of Global Sales Operations and Business Development, Nikesh Arora would be speaking later in the day tomorrow.  Since we’ve all been waiting on pins and needles, conveniently placed on the edge of whatever seat we’re on for Gingerbread, Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Arora’s involvement has me eager, to put it simply.

From what I understand, Web 2.0 is the conference where ALL of the tippy tops of ALL the biggest web/tech corporations get together, and decide what we ALL need, and how they can profit from it.  It’s like that secret society that’s gonna’ run the world some day, but not so secret, and will still run the world some day…  The schedule is INTENSE, and includes speakers and presenters from Microsoft, American Express, Cisco, Yahoo, Zynga (poker chip stealing bastards…) and I Can Has Cheeeburger(?!  seriously?!).

There’s also a REALLY sweet map that I don’t understand (but it’s pretty and I can move it, that’s my definition of SWEET).  Cross your fingers and hope we get some good news outta’ Web 2.0!  Some new Google acquisitions would be awesome!  Wonder if they’re bringing cookies…

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