Seems he IS really hard to catch!

Lately, rumors have been flying all over the internet about Gingerbread (or Android, version 2.3)…  No one really knows what it will consist of, whether it will be a major upgrade, or just aesthetics upgrades with some bug fixes and small additions.  The biggest rumor so far was that the SDK (or code for the operating system) was supposed to drop TODAY for developers, and last I’ve read, that’s still true(?).  I DO know that late last week, Adobe Flash 10.1 for android updated to allow for future operating system functionality” which is a pretty big indicator that “Future Operating Systems” are just around the bend…  From other rumors, the official full release of Android 2.3 will first go to the brand new Samsung Nexus 2, and then to the rest of us in waterfall fashion (OH PLEASE let the EVO be #2…).  My guess is that late tonight or early tomorrow morning, the big Gingerbread man in front of Google’s corporate offices will shoot 2.3 SDK waves from his candy coated bow tie, and bless us all with Gingerbread OS tastiness…

I’ve started my own developing endeavors with WAY too many books, and downloading in preparation for a long weekend (or month… or 2…) of learning, and building!  More to come on that later…

Wanna’ know more?  Let me Google that for you!

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