I ran across this commercial on Talk Android and immediately thought to myself “I bent my Wookie…”.  I’m not really sure whether this commercial’s purpose is to create some “white Apple splatters” (pay attention to the what the hooker princess(?) takes a bite of), show off some animation skills (the one thing done well in the video), or prove that crack heads can be creative too (which it also does pretty well, actually) but it ain’t doin’ NUTHIN’ for the LG Optimus itself as I’m sure it was originally intended (maybe?).  The mash up of references range from Snow White, to Star Wars…  Yeah, that’s what I said…  How many other references do YOU notice?

There’s not much more than that I can say, so take a look for yourself, and watch the brain cells melt away…

If you can explain exactly what this commercial is supposed to accomplish for the phone, I’d appreciate it!

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