I can’t wait to ROOT my… LAND LINE?!

OK…  THIS is cool!  Android Central says this isn’t the first, but it’s the first I’VE seen, and I WANNIT!!  I’m a bit confused when companies choose to put the lil’ i in front of their product name when they’re not running iOS, but I guess I can look past that (Land Droid, or even HomePhone Droid would have been more appropriate, what would YOU have named it?).  Looks like the iHomePhone 2000 is running Android 1.5, as a G1 would, and it’s got all the goodies you can imagine from any other 1.5 device, including WiFi for internet radio and YouTube apps, as well as a contact manager (I wonder if it will apply Google contacts with a sync?) and a 14 minute digital answering machine sounds like the MSRP is £99.99 (or $139.43)

Here are all the product videos I could scrape up…

This one’s a pretty cool Demo from iDect (I think):

This one’s REALLY hard to understand, and the review is actually for his local electronic store’s news ad, and phone looks completely different, but it IS an  iDect with the same product specs.  The dude has the same point I was making about the iProductName. (I wrote it first…lol)

And here are all the pics I could muster…

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