Virus Airbourne ROMs

Before my EVO, in my vocabulary “Flashing” was never really defined as a GOOD thing…  Usually it was used in this type of context: “Man, my girlfriend FLASHED on me last night ’cause she thought I was talkin’ about a girl when I said I love Puddin’…  I just love chocolate puddin’!!” or “This old creepy dude in a trench coat was caught FLASHIN’ women in SF.  That’s NASTY”

But since I started learning Android in all it’s glory and capability, and ROOTing, I have re-defined the word “FLASH” in my vocabulary (or at least added one positive definition).

Yesterday I flashed (or installed) the latest update to VirusROMs’ Airbourne ROM (or Read Only Memory, or Software the phone runs on) and it’s gorgeous!   I was lucky enough to be paying attention to the chat within the Virus ROMs forum when someone asked to be a beta tester for the next version up from VirusROM Airborne RC3.1 SENSELESS.  I “ACCIDENTALLY” downloaded the ROM from the link provided, and SOMEHOW, version RC3.3 ended up installed on my phone…  (I’m kidding, I doubt “XxXViRusXxX” would put the link in a community chat if he didn’t want people to try it out)

I am TOTALLY in love!  It’s only been a day, but the layout of everything from the custom LauncherPro dock/icons, to the animated 3D notification bar icons are the definition of aesthetically pleasing!  The ROM itself is clean and FAST!  Just about everything in this ROM is custom.  The “Vanilla” lock screen is something I’ve had a love/hate relationship with, and Virus fixed the hate part!

Ain’t it purty?  (I flashed the Sony Sketch font to add a little of my OWN sexy!)

The lockscreen slide is a TINY bit choppy, but that’s to be expected, as every ROM I’ve used that incorporated it was the same way.  The Home screens flow effortlessly from one to the other (which actually suprized me, considering there was so much going on with all of the customizations)

The ROM comes stock with eBuddy, a multiple IM client app (which I haven’t had a chance to play with yet, but doubt it can compete to Trillian), an HDMI controller app (which I ALSO haven’t played with, since I don’t have a cord yet) and ‘DSPManager’ (sort of an EQ for all of the different types of outputs your phone has,  Headphones, Phone Speaker and Bluetooth Devices) as well as some other great apps.
Like I said, it’s only been a day, and as far as battery usage, it’s been 6.5 hours since I unplugged my phone, and with extremely high usage, I’m still at around 70%.  I’ve used the Stock HTC kernel with every ROM I’ve flashed, and it hasn’t done me wrong yet.  I should also mention that Virus has created a BUNCH of themes (found below the ROM description HERE)that run over this ROM, and all of them are great looking!  I’m a fan of EVOlution, but this stock blue has me SPRUNG!
There’s SOO much more to talk about, but 1) you should find out how beautiful it is on your own, 2) I’m still too N00bish to get into the kind of detail I want to about it, and 3) you’ve wasted enough time at work reading this…  GET BACK TO WORK!!  😀
Hope this has been helpful but if not, at least I got it off my chest…  WHEW!  What a relief…

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