App Review: ‘PULSE’, WOW!

If you’re anything like me, and follow a LOT of different sports, news, tech, entertainment and social feeds, THIS is the stream manager for you!  I have to say, I haven’t been THIS “wowed” by an Android app since…  well…  This is the first time!

Pulse’s interface is straight forward and self explanatory, and very little savvy is necessary for set up.  It literally consists of opening Pulse, tapping the gear for settings, and choosing from multiple Featured feeds, or browsing a HUGE variety of feeds from 10 different categories/genres.  Their search will give you a ton of feeds that you may or may not know (example: searching ‘Android gave me 10 different feeds, like Android Central, XDA and LifeHacker as well as some I hadn’t heard of.  Because of Pulse, I now follow them all!).  Once you select the feeds to add to your list, arranging them is as simple as tap, drag and let go.

Their newest additions/updates outside of a UI overhaul include Facebook links (which is really all I wanna’ see from my phone anyways) and a BEAUTIFUL widget(s, depending on how you like to arrange things on your home screens…).

At first, when adding the Widget to a home screen, you think to your self “Only ONE option?!  What a JIP!”  Then, it becomes apparent that you can add more than one widget, each with a different source!  The large widget allows you to scroll through the less recent updates on your chosen feed, while the small version shows you just the 3 latest.

When tapping any of the updates, you are taken to a gorgeous reader, which gives you options to share via Facebook, Twitter or through the (what I like to call) “ETC bubble” which gives you all of the sharing options you might expect outside of the social spectrum (e-mail, sms, bluetooth, etc) as well as the option to view the article on the author/provider’s website via your default browser.  Personally, I LOVE the Pulse article formatting.  Every article is formatted exactly the same, with any pics and links included in the thread, shortening loading time, and simplifying the viewing experience.

Pulse is, simply put, awesome and WAY MORE than worth the $.99 price tag.

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