As I was selflessly promoting The Android Green Zone at work this morning, I was asked if i knew anything about the Archos 101 Tab.  I did not.  I did a little reading up on the Archos website, and DAAAAAMN this thing’s sexy!  It may be the sleekest design I’ve seen yet, and based on the demo, it’s Android on MLB Juice!

First, it’s got the kickstand.  It’s MY opinion that the kickstand is becoming the newest requirement for ALL tabs, not just the Android powered devices (are there any that aren’t, besides the iPad?).  Cool thing about this one is that it’s adjustable, so whether you’re writing an e-mail, watching videos, or playing the newest, hottest 3D game (or an 8-bit with your favorite NES emulator) you’ll have just the right height and screen position.

Of course, you can’t really judge a screen without seeing it in person (Archos, please feel free to send me a 101 and I promise to give it a fair video review!) but the 101 boasts a beautiful 10.1″ of 1024X600 High Resolution viewing.  PERFECT for watching ‘Avatar’, or any Pixar movie over and over again (as I sometimes do) (ok, as i ALWAYS do).

With Tethering, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G (or 4G if you connect your capable device), it’s hard NOT to stay connected while on the go with this powerhouse, and with Samba and UPnP protocols built in, viewing your movies, home videos and pics over your wireless connection not only means ease of access, but also saves space on your 101!

We all know browsing the internet, accessing e-mail and staying connected to friends and family  on an Android device is simple and comparable to performing the same functionalities on a PC.  The Archos 101 gets you so much closer to that experience running Android Froyo 2.2 (Flash 10) with it’s high resolution screen on a 1GHz processor, built in webcam, multiple connection options (USB Host/Slave, Micro SDHC, HDMI output…), and a 3D OpenGL ES 2.0.

As far as Apps go, the 101 is more than capable to run the all of the hottest apps in the Market, and comes with it’s own ‘AppsLib’ market browser.  The Android market’s drastic expansion, and the 101‘s capabilities combined, you’re damn near guaranteed  perpetual happiness!

Well I’ve raved enough about this, but am willing to rave more, Archos (nudge-nudge, wink-wink!).  I’ll leave you with the Tech Specs, and patiently wait at my door for the delivery person to drop mine off (nudge more-nudge more, wink again-wink again)…

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